Learn how to kite surf in Brazil

Do you favor sunny weather; perfect wind conditions and a nice sea instead of the freezing cold during winter season were you have to wear a wetsuit?

In that case, join us in Taiba, Brazil in one of the best kite surfing spots worldwide!

Enjoy your holidays surrounded in a familiar atmosphere. We offer constant wind conditions (every day), shallow water, endless beaches, perfect waves, sunshine all day long and on top of all that a dose of Brazilian lifestyle!


Taiba Lagoon

The Lagoon promises a spot with flat water and deeper areas. The perfect place to practice freestyle moves. The Lagoon is located 3 kilometers downwind from Taiba, with a small beach. There is no direct connection to the ocean, it´s filled by flood. Wind is coming side shore from the ocean directly into your kite.

Taiba Wave Spot

The spot is located closest to city center and has some awesome waves. The waves break clean into both directions and are between 0,5 and 3km high. Compared to the rest of the beach, the wave spot has a bank of sand, which causes a clean break of the waves. The waves are not too steep, which makes it an easy practice for you.

Taiba Secret Spot

The Secret Spot combines flat water and waves. It´s located 6 kilometer downwind from the city center of Taiba. The entrance is very easy, because there are no breaking waves, but a huge area with flat water till you reach the bank of sand. Perfect to catch your first waves with a directional board or for your first jumps with a kite, such as the Backroll.

Kite camps Taiba

Kite surf-Beginner-Course: 790€

  • 4 days, 3 hours each day, incl. latest Slingshot material
  • 1 instructor per student
  • content: basics, kite control, body drag, water start, theory
  • aim of the course: to be able to kite surf for the first meters & enjoy the feeling!
  • requirements: swimming and fun

Kite surf-Refresh-Course: 790€

  • 4 days, 3 hours each day, incl. latest Slingshot material
  • 1 instructor per student
  • content:(body drag), water start, kiting the first meters, theory
  • aim of the course: to be able to kite surf for the first meters, ride upwind, maybe jibe
  • requirements: VDWS level 2 (kite control, relaunch, body drag)

Kite surf-Intermediate-Course: 590€

  • 5 days, 4 hours each day, incl. the latest Slingshot material
  • 1 instructor, maximum 2 to 3 students
  • aim of the course: independence, learn new tricks
  • level: VDWS level 4 (water start, ride upwind)

private tuition:

  • incl. material, each hour: 79€
  • with own material, each hour: 59€

+++ All courses are customizable, according to your wishes! +++ After your course, you will receive a discount of 30% on private tuition! +++ Buy 4 hours of private tuition, just pay 4! +++ Send us a request, if you require a VDWS kite surfing license. +++

Kite camp: Conquer the waves

Conquer the waves - for beginner and intermediate level: 590€

Learn how to kite surf the waves, how to work the strapless board und learn new tricks.

  • 5 days, 4h daily, incl. material (latest Slingshot material)
  • maximum of 6 persons per camp
  • content: learn to surf a wave board, train maneuvers, learn how to interpret waves
  • level: VDWS level 5 (ride along confidently, kite surf on all wind courses)
  • possible aims: first steps into wave kite surfing, kite surfing with a strapless board, progression of your skills, etc. ...
  • experienced coach by your side
  • equipment storage
  • transfer to the spots
  • Downwind sessions (depending on the level)

Minimum of participants is three. Please contact us for more information!

Equipment Rental (optional)

Slingshot Logo

We only rent out the latest Slingshot equipment:

material duration price
Harness: one day 10€
Harness: one week 70€
Kite incl. control bar: one day 60€
Kite incl. control bar: one week 249€
Board Twintip / Wave: one day 25€
Board Twintip / Wave: one week 119€
complete material: one day 79€
complete material: one week 390€

Additional Booking possible for

Trip to Fortaleza:
Fortaleza is one of our favorite destinations when it comes to daytrips.
Our private shuttle drops us off directly at the beach promenade, were we watch the sunset and later enjoy the nightlife and maybe paint the town red.
The Brazilian markets offer a wide variety of souvenirs – a hammock might be the perfect reminder!
To explore the Brazilian culture a bit more, let’s try out the typical dish “Rodizio”, which is basically a skewer.
Who hasn’t eaten too much from the buffet and feels still energetic, is free to go partying and can take the shuttle back to the accommodation.

Trip to Paracucu:
Paracucu is quite close to Taiba and, thus, perfectly for a downwind session or even a beach buggy ride.
Here you can enjoy your Siesta while having lunch and drinks on the beach.

Trip to Cumbuco:
It takes 45 minutes to get to Cumbuco, a spot perfect to go out enjoying the night in one of the many restaurants, bars and clubs. Combuco also presents lots of shops, as it`s usual for tourist locations.

Trip to Jericoacoara:
Curious to spend some time in a “hippie-spot”? Okay… Jeri will be it!
The thrilling journey through sand dunes guides you up into a flower power and happy Jericoacoara, where even the sun gets its applause after setting beyond the horizon.
Jeri is also known for its “Caipi road, where you should definitely try out some fancy caipirinha cocktails.

Riding along the beach:
You want to ride at sunset? Just ask – we’ll organize that for you.


Both accommodations – Villa Lobo and Villa Girassol – are close to the beach and it takers only 5 minutes to get to Taiba.

Villa Girassol

incl. breakfast, airport transfer, daily shuttle to kite spots, equipment storage.
Price 699, - € / week per person

Villa Girassol, build in 2014, offers double- and single bedrooms including a luxurious lounge area, Wi-Fi, and a large lighted pool, that invites to have nice pool parties.
Our rooms have a bathroom and are different in style.
The lounge area combines an outside kitchen with chill-out area, whereas it’s roofed.
The outside area is big enough to fit all kites to dry properly.
The villa is secured by a security service at all time.

Villa Lobo

Incl. breakfast, airport transfer, daily shuttle to kite spots, equipment storage.
Price 599, - € / week per person

Villa Lobo has single- and double bedrooms - each with bathroom and a well equipped kitchen.
The ground-floor has a BBQ-area outfitted with armchairs and hammocks, which invite you to chill-out after an exhausting kite surfing session.
The inner yard is big enough to fit kites to dry properly. There`s also a pool, in case you need the cooling-off.
The villa is also protected by a security service at all time.

All about Taiba

Taiba is a cozy fishermen`s village with a lot Brazilian atmosphere. Reggae parties on the beach are a must for everyone! The spot offers a variety of restaurants and supermarkets. The Acai sport invites you to have lunch there every day. There’s a cash machine, which works fine (usually) and a few pharmacies nearby. Let’s not hope so, however if it comes to the worst, there’s a hospital just 30 minutes from Taiba.

Wind and kite surfing conditions

The north of Brazil with its steady wind conditions and sunny weather is ranked among the best kite surfing spots worldwide. Just check the statistics!
Taiba offers you with its three different spots a wide range of possibilities to enjoy your stay: The “secret spot” suits perfect to beginners and also intermediate kite surfer due to its shallow water and its small wave, which breaks further offshore. However, for everybody, who favors (bigger) waves, we suggest the “wave-spot”. Here you can perfectly wave-kite surf and more – surf!
Taiba’s lagoon, in contrast to the first two spots, is perfect for freestylers. Even top-ranked kite surfer practice right here. The side-onshore wind conditions offer a great number of downwind sessions.

Whether you spend your day in one of the spots or you explore the location around Taiba – everything’s possible!


The day of your arrival and departure can be chosen, as you wish. We available from September till December.

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