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Welcome to the colourful life of a kitesurfer. El Gouna is a paradise to learn kitesurfing in Egypt and the perfect spot for beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike. In El Gouna you will find great wind conditions, turquoise water, a professionally equipped kite center, beautiful hotels, and sunny weather! El Gouna leaves nothing to be desired and is only a few hours away by plane.

El Gouna is located near the famous tourist city Hurghada and is a modern place with a unique atmosphere and special architecture. Its beautiful kitesurfing spots and great wind conditions make El Gouna the perfect place for everyone who wants to learn to kitesurf in Egypt. We promise you an unforgettable time.

El Gouna is an attractive destination, whether you travel with family, friends, or alone. The city is modern and safe, the people are open minded and friendly, the high-class hotels are perfect for relaxing, and you will have some action during our kite courses where you will have time to relax and talk with other kitesurfers.

Our team will support you before and during your kitesurfing event. We can help you book your flights and hotel and organise your airport transfer. And of course, we’ll give you helpful tips before and during your vacations in Egypt so that you are fully prepared and relaxed. Once you arrive in El Gouna, you will easily fall in love with this amazing place!

On your first evening in El Gouna, we will have a cozy get-together so that you have time to meet your kitesurf instructor and the rest of the group before the event starts. Our kitesurfing courses take place with a maximum of six students per instructor, which guarantees the best success in learning kitesurfing. Safety is very important to us and therefore you will learn everything about kitesurfing theory and self-rescue. It is also very important to us that you learn how to handle the kite equipment in a safe and secure way. We only use the newest kite equipment from Slingshot for our events.

You will have time to relax between the kite lessons, either on the rooftop of the kite center or while eating the delicious fresh food from the restaurant.

When it comes to learning kitesurfing in Egypt, we have the perfect course for every level. Beginners learn kitesurfing in a beautiful and safe spot with an easy access zone. Intermediates practice their first jumps and maneuvers under perfect "laboratory conditions". And for advanced riders, there is a camp for tricks from backroll, Railey to really high jumps.

Learn kitesurfing with us in Egypt, improve your skills, master spectacular tricks.

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Kite Events & Prices

El Gouna: Kite Event

Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced Kite Event for 590€


  • 6 days intensive training with small groups by VDWS kite instructors
  • Maximum 6 students per teacher
  • 6 days per week, 4-5 hours per day (depending on wind*)
  • Every student gets their own kite (when you learn to control your kite safely)
  • Kite material included (the latest from leading manufacturer Slingshot

Our kite events are held in small groups with a maximum of six students. Over 6 days you will learn everything from the basics to cool new tricks in the kite course Egypt - depending on your level! We teach 4-5 hours a day (depending on the wind*) with the latest material from Slingshot. Students with a similar level will be in the same group. As soon as you can steer the kite safely, you will be allowed to go out on the water with your own kite for maximum progress. Your VDWS-licensed kite instructor will not only be there for you during the lessons, they will also give you advice and tips for excursions in and around El Gouna - send us your booking request with your preferred date for your kite event in Egypt now!


*: Less than 50% wind will result in a wind credit note for your next kitesurf holidays.

After the course you are allowed to use the material on your own with the agreement of the instructor! 


El Gouna: Kite Event PREMIUM

Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced Kite Event Premium for 990€


  • Intensive training in small groups by VDWS certified instructors with a maximum of 2 students
  • every student has their own kite
  • 6 days per week, 4-5 hours per day (depending on wind*)
  • Equipment: exclusively the latest material by Slingshot

*: Less than 50% wind will result in a wind credit note for your next kitesurf holidays.

El Gouna: Kite Event PREMIUM-PRIVATE

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Kite Event for 990€


  • Individual training, i.e. one student per VDWS kite instructor
  • 6 days per week, 4-5 hours per day (depending on wind*)
  • Kite material included (the latest from leading manufacturer Slingshot)

In this course you will benefit from one-on-one training with one of our kite instructors. In 6 days, you will benefit from private lessons and therefore progress very quickly.  Depending on your kite level we will teach you everything from the basics to new tricks and jumps. You will be trained 4-5 hours per day (depending on the wind*). We will use the newest kitesurf material from Slingshot.

Your VDWS-licensed kitesurfing instructor is not only there for you during the lessons, but is also available off the water to give you advice and tips for excursions in and around El Gouna - send us your booking request for your PREMIUM-PRIVATE kitesurfing course in Egypt now!


*: Less than 50% wind will result in a wind credit note for your next kitesurf holidays.


Kite Event El Gouna: PRIVATE LESSONS


  • including material: 89€
  • excluding material: 69€


Rent of equipment (optional)

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We provide the newest equipment from Slingshot:

Material Duration Price
Harness: one day  10€
Harness: one week  70€
Kite inclu. control bar: one day  60€
Kite inclu. control bar: one week 249€
Board Twintip / Wave: one day  25€
Board Twintip / Wave: one week 119€
Complete material: one day   79€
Complete material: one week 310€
Wetsuit:  one day    5€
Wetsuit: one week  30€


plus 60 Euro/Week kite station and rescue fee


Perfect conditions in El Gouna: The first hundred meters has flat water with a lot of space to practice for beginners and intermediates. Perfect wind and tourquise water will create "artificial" conditions for you to practice. This is the best spot for you if you want to learn how to kite your first meters and for intermediates to learn new tricks.


Our base is located in the popular Red sea Zone El Gouna, just a short Tok-Tok-drive from the hotel. This charming beach house under the palm trees has its own bistro, a sun terrace with WiFi, a large kitestorage, a compressor, beach boys and 2 lifeboats.

Here you can easily feel at home, whether you're a landlubber or mermaid.

The training is conducted by experienced VDWS licensed kite instructors. We make sure that the training groups are small and that our quality is at the highest international standard.

El Gouna

El Gouna is located just a 40-minute drive from Hurghada, where you will arrive. El Gouna (meaning “the lagoon") is a resort town, which was completely rebuilt about 25 years ago. Here safety, cleanliness, and service are the top priorities. The cityscape is cultivated with love and makes El Gouna a beautiful little town with lots of charm. A good transport infrastructure ensures that you can easily move around with water taxis and Tok Toks. The hotels are well maintained and have a very high standard. Many of them are located at the "Marina", the beautiful yacht harbour in the heart of El Gouna, which invites you to enjoy its many attractions.

At the water's edge, there are numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes. While overlooking the water, you can enjoy international food and of course the evening cocktails shouldn’t be missed. A short Tok Tok Ride "Downtown" you will find more restaurants, bars, and some good nightclubs where you can turn the night into day. From eating at a relaxed family pizza shop or an impressive 4 course meal, right through to the sexy party night El Gouna offers something for everyone.

Snorkling and Diving:

El Gouna is a world famous dive destination with a colourful variety of fish, corals, and seaweed splashing about in the water. You won’t be able to get enough of this wide range of colours of the underwater world. 
A boat trip accompanied by dolphins is an experience that you absolutely cannot miss. For diving enthusiasts,scuba diving courses and guided diving tours are offered.

Other attractions:

  • Golfing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Quad Bike Tours


In El Gouna you will find a world-class modern cable park! It has left- and right-handed cables, a 2.0 system with various obstacles and jumps, a large swimming pool, a bar, and a bistro.


Wind and conditions

The eastern coastal areas of Egypt, and thus also El Gouna are one of the most reliable wind locations. Because of its ideal conditions El Gouna is a popular area for beginners and intermediates.

Shallow water, easy entry zones and usually oblique onshore wind make this the place to be!

You want to do a beginner or advanced course, or practice your first jumps? Perfect! We found the spot of your choice!



Still looking for a good accommodation? With our partner travel agency you can book your desired hotel in El Gouna as well as the flight to Hurghada. Of course the offer also includes the transportation from the airport to the hotel.

We tested a lot of hotels for you, and these are our recommendations: Fandir, Mövenpick Resort, Ali Pasha, Turtle INN and Captains INN! All hotels are exceptional and are located close to the kiteboarding station. Here you will find very friendly staff and cleanliness and you will learn to know the beauty of El Gouna!

While booking, please be aware to arrive at least one day before your cours starts. Our kitesurfing courses start on Friday morning at 9 a.m. and end on Wednesday afternoon. You will need to book your flight to Hurghada.


Our event dates in Egypt are from January to December. As day of arrival and departure we recommand Thursday. Our camps start Friday morning at 9.00 a.m. and end Wednesday afternoon.
Following you can find the dates for our kite camps in Egypt / El Gouna:

January-June 2020

Event | 2022-05-20 - 2022-05-25
Event | 2022-05-27 - 2022-06-01

August - December 2020


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